Dec 16, 2020
Glasgow takes tackles on a hard topic as she dives into the rough and dark waters of mental health. Depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts plague Charlotte (the main character) day and night as she goes through life never being able to love fully without worry; when she does, it leads to an avalanche of betrayal and insecurities. Opening up your heart is hard, and having it broken is another but what do you do when you feel like it's been shattered into pieces? I would recommend this to older readers as there are mature scenes but all the same it's an amazing story of new beginnings and questions of whether fighting back the past and trying again or choosing to embrace it and moving on is for the best. 5/5 stars @C.L of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board Rating 4/5 This book should have a trigger warning on it, if you struggle with mental health this may not be the book for you. This book takes you on the journey of Charlotte Davis a girl who’s lost more in seventeen years than most people do in a lifetime. This novel by Kathleen Glasgow is a very dark, but powerful read. It gets down to the gritty details of how some people cope with mental illness. It will have you feeling sad and concerned. It will have you reflecting on your own mental health. The main takeaway from this book is no matter how bad your life gets it can always get better. This is a good reason for a young adult looking for an emotional, and dark novel. @ve_teenreview of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library