Jun 23, 2020jazminefinuliar04 rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
In this young adult novel by Katherine Glasglow, a seventeen year old girl known as Charlotte “Charlie” Davis who came out of a suicide attempt after the recent loss of her best friend Ellis. Before, she had dealt with so much more, including her own father’s suicide and her abusive mother kicking her out from home, causing her to fall into homelessness at adolescence. After being released from a women’s psychiatric ward, she takes a bus to Tucson to visit Ellis’ friend Mikey, whom she fell in love with but his feelings aren't reciprocated, as he had been in love with Ellis. Charlie vows to put her life back together while in Tucson through the new people she meets and the new job she gets in the process. One thing I like about the book is the character development of the protagonist Charlie Davis. She went from a girl in a vulnerable place in life to a young woman who is finally starting to find inner peace within herself. Overall, I highly recommend reading this novel if you would like to empathize with those dealing with serious topics of teenage mental illness, or if you are one who is currently or has dealt with the same issues as the protagonist and wants someone to empathize with you. Reading this book truly touched my heart and made me emotional in so many different ways.