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ninanna made a comment Jul 04 2019
"After watching the movie I Googled Getty family and read the Wikipedia versions of their biographies and the kidnapping's events. For dramatization purposes, the movie has definitely strayed from the facts and the reality of the case. The anecdot..." Permalink
ninanna made a comment Jun 26 2019

The Counselor

DVD - 2014
"I liked the movie and was quite impressed by it. It doesn't provide a detailed picture of real life but rather tries to concentrate on the philosophical aspects of it. Taking today's reality into consideration, the movie reflects much more than th..." Permalink
ninanna made a comment Jun 20 2019
"A typical Dreamworks product. A mendacious, nonsensical, contrived movie that tries to float on weepy sentimentality and beautiful scenery." Permalink
ninanna made a comment Jun 10 2019
"Written in 1975, the book is absolutely visionary in correctly predicting and describing the insane over-construction spurred by an overpopulated world and the greed of developers. Just take a look at the horrible towers going up in Edmonton, dest..." Permalink
ninanna made a comment Jun 07 2019

The Meddler

DVD - 2016
"The movie is wa-a-a-ay too cutesy for me. It is a feel-good movie so I would not say don't watch it, but have a jar of pickles close by while watching." Permalink
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