The Last Panthers

The Last Panthers

DVD - 2016
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When several diamonds are stolen from a jewelry store in Marseilles, the heist bears the hallmarks of the supposedly retired Pink Panther gang. After a child is accidentally killed in their getaway, the thieves resort to desperate measures to fence the jewels. This sparks a series of events that set a British insurance-loss adjuster, a French-Algerian cop, and a Serbian soldier turned diamond thief on a dramatic and dangerous collision course.


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Oct 08, 2018

Well done.
Good acting.
A little long, but, entertaining.

May 21, 2018

90% of the dialog is French with subtitles.
10% is English.


Since I am always doing other things while watching movies, this didn't work out for me. Movies keep me company while I work.

Jun 05, 2017

The Last Panthers, 2015is rather dismal viewing, all 307 minutes of it. John Hurt recently died but he had a long, long career on the screen and in television. Samatha Morton also has had a long career. But the other stars depressed me. It isn't the inability to understand their foreign language that I had a hard time with. It's the constant efforts of some peoples to literally play roulette with the lives other people. I don't appreciate watching others shooting to make their points. Name one thing uplifting here? This is what we don't want in life: for a country to progress itself by violence. This is exactly what happens here. Doesn't anyone know how to take a steps to improving itself without someone dying along the way?

May 16, 2017

Stick with it for an impressively stylish, violent, intricately written thriller that builds in tension gradually.

Jan 09, 2017

I gave up after two episodes - could not keep places and people identified. It did not induce me to make the effort to sort out all the plot lines. Too much violence. One reluctant paw from Abby Tabby and Kristi

Dec 26, 2016

Excellent acting if somewhat violent series. Hard to keep track of all the bearded men when the time frame flashes back and forth.

Dec 11, 2016

Just finished watching it and I was determined to finish it! You had to follow each and everyone of the characters or you will lose the plot line. The two main characters were excellent, but if you were expecting the typical Hollywood ending this drama series is not for you. It does not portray happy scenes or happy families.
It started out like this was going to be really good, but then it diverted itself into very depressing images of Eastern Europe, the poverty of many and the crime prevalent there.
I think this series is worth watching, but give yourself time to watch a couple of episodes
a time, or you will have to backtrack to remember what happened before.

Aug 24, 2016

PU! Only two good things about this one - John Hurt and Samantha Morton. Ugly, gray film despite locations in Marseilles and Croatia. Rude and unsympathetic characters one and all. Never even made it to the end. One good scene in a bistro at the harbor in which waves washed up against the glass where the men were eating. That's it.

Jun 25, 2016

Three idealists, a French-Algerian cop, a British insurance investigator and a Balkan jewel thief, were thick in a world of crimes in all levels of society during the 1990's Yugoslav Wars and present Eurozone crises. There were many things going on ... you snooze, you lose the essence of the characters and story. The intro music was David Bowie's "Blackstar" and the social commentary was the big push by the European establishment via economical developments in Belgrade Serbia, Macedonia and Podgorica Montenegro. How fitting as the Brits just voted to exit Euro Zone on June 24, 2016.

Jun 07, 2016

Interesting and complex plot lines. Characters are well played against a a backdrop of many locations in several countries. Lots of plausible action. Quite a bit of foreign language that require subtitles. All in all a well done mature thriller worth viewing.


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Jun 25, 2016

-Let him behave as he wants, because his savagery is a little more approachable than all the others. Savagery isn't born. It's made. And a peculiar set of circumstances went into making this particular brand of savages. But for the good of all people, Serbians, Croatians, Bosnians, Macedonians, we need to unmake them very carefully, and without the disgust and superiority that comes so easily to us Brits.
--Yeah, it sounds like a pretty good excuse of doing nothing to me. If people are dying in the meantime.
-Oh, that would be a horror, indeed.
--Do you see the coloured wristbands?
-So does that make them whores?
-No, it just makes them easier to identify. The pink ones are for VIPs only. The yellow ones are for special friends, and the blue means the hunt is on.
--I see. An organised society. I could get used to that.
-They even keep an account of how often they xxyz. American and Chinese money, German rules. And Germans love rules more than their own mothers.

Jun 25, 2016

I used to think the barbarians lived in a land far, far away. And we ignored them. And then the barbarians were at the gates. And we were scared. We ignored them again. And now ... Now we're all barbarians, aren't we?
If rats bite other rats, no one cares. You don't react at all until they bite your baby.
You know nothing about war, you people. Serbia is a country that understands war. Every empire invaded us. Romans, Ottomans, Germans, Russians. In World War I, we were invaded three times, in three different directions. In World War II, our government sided with the Nazis. We overthrew them. We fought back,
causing many more deaths. And when Stalin tried to take power, we fought him, too. My people... We know blood. We know war. Because every war has taken from us. The British, they know how to start war. Not to survive it. You have blood on your hands. And we have blood in our hearts.

Jun 25, 2016

The Establishment's tune:
Today, we enter a new age. For too long, we've looked at our neighbours from the East with distrust. As the Eurozone continues to be questioned by those who would undermine and threaten it, it is time to look back to those words and find ways to be more united. New ties, new countries to be strong with us. ... To quote Alex Tspiras, something I 'd like to do, "Austerity is not part of the European treaties. "Democracy and the principle of popular sovereignty are." Today isn't about commerce. It's about hope. It's about why Europe first was born. That together, people are stronger than apart.Today, we leave behind Eurozone crises and division, and, instead, we make a giant step towards the true Europe, where East and West no longer matters. Where all people live together as united citizens of a new Europe.
No, it's not a battle of good against evil. It's a choice between bad and not quite as bad.

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