DVD - 1998
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Nuclear testing resurrects Godzilla and it's up to a select group of people to stop him before he completely destroys New York City and perhaps the world.
Publisher: Culver City, CA : Columbia TriStar Home Video, 1998
ISBN: 9780767817479
Branch Call Number: GOD
Characteristics: 1 videodisc ( min.) : sd., col., 4 3/4 in


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oatmeal_crispy Aug 27, 2018

      行くぞどこでも 平和のためだ
      広い世界を かけめぐり
      目ざすは悪い 怪獣だ
      でっかいからだに かわいい目玉
      あすもたたかう ぼくらのゴジラ
      ガンバレ ガンバレ ぼくらのゴジラ!
      ガンバレ ガンバレ ぼくらのゴジラ!
                  --- 福田純, 関沢新一
In 1998, Roland Emmerich, who had brought us the smash blockbuster [Independence Day], henceforth [ID4], gave us his [Godzilla]. It didn't do as well as [ID4]. WW2, asteroid impact, and Adam Sandler films were in vogue that year, not lizards. While not a box office bomb, like a traumatic episode, no one connected with this wanted to touch it or mention it afterwards. Critics hated it too and so did many Godzilla fans. I can understand why.
   This [Godzilla] was silly. The drama, tension, the stakes, and the visual effects that propelled [ID4] simply weren’t here. Instead, there were cheesy jokes and B-movie camp. The human subplot was a messy, illogical, and implausible sitcom about scientists, soldiers, spies, reporters, and lizards. (I typed up many examples, but I removed them as they were spoilers.) The humour and silliness undermined the action and what drama there was. In [ID4], characters perished and we wept. In [Godzilla], people died by the score and we were encouraged to laugh. In [ID4], the stakes were high—human extinction—but in [Godzilla] that’s all secondary to Audrey’s career. But that’s ok.
   This wasn’t a real Godzilla film. Yes, there was a giant lizard with fins, but it didn’t have atomic breath or true invulnerability. But more so, this Godzilla was not a living, haunting meditation on the horrors of atomic warfare. It seemed like the camp of the late-Showa films had masked the true message of the original 1954 film. If you have no time to watch the original, watch just one scene: the “Prayer for Peace.” If you have a bit more time, the ending and the scenes with the war widow and her kids, too.
   Godzilla is not a dinosaur or a monster of the week. Godzilla is a catastrophe, a global nightmare of our own making. There are no victors, only survivors. But that’s ok.
   This Godzilla didn’t inherit its DNA from the original. No, but IMHO from ’50s sci-fi films like [The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms], ’90s blockbusters like [Jurassic Park], the original [King Kong], and a little bit from the US version of [Gorjia], [Godzilla, King of the Monsters!] [Godzilla] is a spectacle. There’s nothing wrong with spectacle, but certain things just didn't work out as well as they could.
   [Godzilla] was action packed with good sound effects, esp. if you’ve got a good set up, but the muddy plot, wrong tone, dated CGI, the lack of philosophical depth and joy and pay off and memorable music meant that there was little rewatch value for me. Jean Reno: always a treat. Maria Pitillo: unjustly maligned. Godzilla: miscast.
   This film is important. Without Emmerich’s [Godzilla], there would be no Millennium Godzilla, no [Pacific Rim], no Gareth Edwards’ 2014 [Godzilla], no [Shin Godzilla], and no MonsterVerse. Directors and writers wouldn’t have been driven to go further. And Edwards’ [Godzilla] is the reason why we still talk about Godzilla in English.

Jul 24, 2018

Summer blockbusters are like that giant hamburger dripping with toppings that you know you probably shouldn't eat. Sure it takes good while you're eating but afterwards you feel a little sick. 1998's reboot of the long running Gozilla series is exactly what you think it will be: big, loud, dumb. It's kinda fun for what it is. Godzilla looks a lot more dinosaur-like here, and they are clearly ripping off "Jurassic Park" (and "Aliens"). The good cast is largely overshadowed by the big lizards. Director Roland Emmerich, who destroyed the White House in "Independence Day," takes out the Brooklyn Bridge, Chrysler Building, and Madison Square Garden. Not content with merely destroying cities, he'd end the world in "2012." "Size Matters" was the tag line. As of this writing (7/18), there's another Godzilla on the horizon.

Jun 27, 2018

I have to admit, it is actually a pretty cool movie. The baby zillas look cool. But like all G-fans this movie has its drawbacks. Like the fact that this is NOT Godzilla. One mistake that fans often make is that this guy is the same from Godzilla: Final Wars, but it is a different creature, not Zilla.

Fans call this guy Godzilla (Tristar)

britprincess1ajax Apr 27, 2017

It's Ferris Bueller's awfully bad day off. GODZILLA has all the markings of a Roland Emmerich disaster epic: the sprawling cast, the world-changing event, the military investigation, the everyman who can help solve the crisis… It's all there! To me, Godzilla is empathetic and all attempts to destroy the alleged monster frustrated me. I was more into the quippy dialogue. You see, GODZILLA was a nineties popcorn flick meant to be consumed lightly. This film is not going to change your life, but it's fun. And with over half the voice actors from THE SIMPSONS making an appearance, personally it's a blast to go back in time. It definitely taps into that era with the character dynamics and the warm tone (even in a world in disarray) and reptilian effects lifted from JURASSIC PARK and, no question, it doesn't age so well. But it's an entertaining throwback that I was more than willing to waste a few hours on. If you're a fan of ARMAGEDDON or INDEPENDENCE DAY, you'll probably enjoy GODZILLA, too.

Dec 15, 2014

Instead of Godzilla destroying Tokyo, it was New York City. Chilling to see those twin towers of WTC in this digitized film which was release in the VCR age of 1998. Super entertainment.

aaa5756 Jul 25, 2014

Sound and Very well done sci-fi movie. I would recommend this movie for all to see. Well worth the price of admission to any theater. No falling asleep on this one!!!!!

red_elephant_314 Apr 22, 2013

They really messed the story up big time. If it were Godzilla, then it would have gotten better ratings.

Feb 03, 2013

Wow tri star really messed up, I call this creature zilla, like many others because it doesn't deserve the title god. For one I knew it was going to be CGI but it barley resembles Godzilla at all. As for the whole concept this is what was wrong

1. He doesn't have the classic Godzilla roar

2. He doesn't have his nuclear breath (although in one scene he breathes on some cars and makes some kind if explosion)

3. The army KILLS him with missiles ( zilla dies from missiles but Godzilla can take a nuclear warhead to the face)

4. He has velociraptor babies. Wait didn't we just see those in Jurassic park? Hmmmmm

5. He fights no more monsters.

Sep 12, 2012

what were you expecting? it's a godzilla film. at least it has jean reno.

Jun 30, 2012

Where to begin? Well, fans of the Japanese Godzilla films will find this one lacking, to say the least. Even those who aren't fans will wonder what the point of this was. The CGI beast just isn't that convincing, and the entire effect of the film tends to lean towards the loud and obnoxious. Matthew Broderick, Jean Reno, and Kevin Dunn do their best with the roles they play... while Maria Pitillo grates on the nerves and Hank Azaria really, really, really grates on the nerves. Fingernails on the blackboard kind of grating on the nerves. Add to that the really lame attempt to placate Siskel and Ebert with two bickering characters, and you have the perfect recipe for a cinematic disaster.

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Dec 15, 2014

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aaa5756 Jul 25, 2014

“One person can make a difference and every person should try.” –John F Kennedy

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