The Highwayman

The Highwayman

A Longmire Story

Book - 2016
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JCLCherylMY Apr 01, 2021

Walt and Henry are back in the novella. A combination of myth and mystery, humor and relationships, this series is a wonderful, rich examination of local culture tied to the fictional land of Absaroka County, Wyomying. Highly recommend.

Oct 07, 2020


Oct 21, 2019

Another quick rainy day read that I enjoyed. I appreciate the style Mr. Johnson writes in.

Sep 08, 2019

In all things that make this and Craig Johnson’s Walt Longmire books such excellent stories, lessons are paramount. Each of the books offers historical facts that go beyond trivia. They often, but not exclusively, are about Wyoming history. You’ll also find banking, land use, agriculture, Philadelphia, wildlife, and domestic husbandry history in tandem with easy-to-assimilate lessons in morality, about the coin of the country, culinary arts and the preferred libations of Wyoming lawmen.
One of the lessons in the Highwayman is that the call you hear for help may be your own.

Jun 02, 2019

“1078 officer needs assistance.”

Did this radio call come from the living or the dead? We join Walt Longmire and Henry Standing Bear as they answer this call for help. Craig Johnson (the author) delivers yet another strong female character - Patrolman Rosie Wayman. She contacts Sheriff Longmire over a series of strange late night law enforcement distress calls that come over her service radio but only sporadically when she is stopped along the Wind River Byway, an area with notoriously bad reception.

These phantom radio calls also have Walt doubting his sanity or whether the spirit of a Cheyenne he knew (Virgil White Buffalo) actually appears when Walt is up against it. Even Walt Longmire has an encounter with the mystery man who leaves a silver dollar as his calling card when something terrible has happened.

Is the highwayman from heaven or hell? You decide but heed this piece of advice if you’re confronted by the spirit world…

“Always have incense.”

-Henry Standing Bear to Walt Longmire

The reader, George Guidall, delivers again. His differentiating characters through vocal intonation, pacing, and rich voice add to the feeling and sense of place the author has created.

This Longmire mystery is aptly inspired by a poem - “The Highwayman” by Alfred Noyes, – as Walt and Henry have traded literary references to each other throughout this series. The hallucination scenes Craig Johnson writes for this series are surreal and amusing. This psychological thriller and ghost story are an engaging treat that leave you wondering if there are such things as ghosts…hmmm

Jan 22, 2018

I would describe this as rather a gothic western mystery. I like Walt's Indian spirit guides, and the way the story weaves the different themes together. I enjoy the characters, and their story kept flowing. One of my favorites in the Longmire series.

Sep 28, 2016

(Watch the drive, thru the three tunnels on Route 20 adjacent to the Wind River, in "Videos.") A fast moving action thriller when Walt and Henry got involved to trace "fathom" calls heard on the radio of a HP officer who had deep roots in the territory she patrolled. As other Longmire stories, it is up to readers to decide if the legend of The Highwayman was paranormal or just superstition. Put me down in the undecided.

Aug 30, 2016

With every book I read by Johnson, I become a more dedicated fan. Brilliant opening paragraphs that every would be writer should memorize. (says the English teacher)

Jul 02, 2016

Not your typical Longmire story. Nice to get into the Native side for a bit and the Sheriff seems to be getting over his long time funk. Longmire needs a lady!

Jun 16, 2016

This was a great ghost story to tide the avid readers of Walt Longmire over till the next full length novel! There were just enough creepy descriptions and danger to keep the reader entertained. The usual play-by-play between Henry and Walt were hilarious.

caj1222204441801 May 25, 2016

No matter what this author writes its an instant love that book moment. I love the characters and their families and the way they interact with the sheriff and highway patrol.

May 19, 2016

The only disappointing thing about this is that this is a long story not a feature novel. One can finish this is less than 2 hours. Other than that, it is typical Craig Johnson>> GREAT!
Can't wait for his next full-length novel - An Obvious Fact!!!

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